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ManTech Publications, a research-oriented publication house, publishes more than 75 peer reviewed journals to facilitate practical application of scientific principles and research. Our science, engineering, management and Nursing journals bridge the gap in understanding the interdisciplinary nature of these fields.



Our Journals

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Advantages of Subscribing with ManTech Publications: (Benefits for Subscribers)

  • Peer reviewed cost effective journals (National and International).
  • Indexing of Journals in renowned databases including DRJI, Google Scholar, Fig Share and many more.
  • Free Online Access to the subscribed Journals (24X7).
  • Frequency – Bi-annual/Tri-annual.
  • On time delivery of journals' issues.
  • Prompt customer service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Prestigious and renowned clients (government and private colleges).

Advantages of Publishing with ManTech Publications: (Benefits for authors)

  • Free Publication. No charges for article submission and publication.
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of published work to ensure the international standardization and     maximum citation and visibility of scholarly article/research paper. (Charges Apply)
  • Peer reviewed journals.
  • Indexing of the journals to ensure maximum readership and visibility of author's articles.
  • Open Access Journals for all readers to ensure maximum readership of published work.
  • Guaranteed lifetime open access to your published content (24*7).
  • Unlimited downloads from anywhere.
  • Fast track publication.
  • Prompt and free authors' support and guidance.
  • Free soft copy of the journal in which your article is published.
  • Free soft copy of publication certificate.
  • Free professional copyediting with content formatting.


Benefits of Indexing and DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Getting the research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is the best of academic assessment, and communication of research findings is possible with the publication. It is important to publish the articles in journals which are indexed by reputed databases and also with those publications who provide DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) of all published content to made them available electronically.