International Journal of VLSI Design, Microelectronics and Embedded System

The International Journals of VLSI Design, Microelectronics and Embedded Systems is a peer-reviewed journal that presents research papers on VLSI Design, Microelectronics and Embedded Systems and related topics. The Journal will focus on developing hands-on skill of designing semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as, CPU, memory and peripherals. 

Focus and Scope (not limited to):

  • Basics of VLSI,
  • Semiconductor Device Theory and Modeling,
  • VLSI Technology,
  • Analog Integrated Circuit Design,
  • Micro Electronics,
  • System Design Using HDL,
  • MOS Device Modeling,
  • VLSI System Design,
  • Micro Electronics Lab II,
  • VLSI Design Lab,
  • Compound Semiconductors: Properties & Applications,
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems,
  • Foundations Of VLSI CAD,
  • Testing and Verification of VLSI Circuits,
  • Semiconductor Power Devices,
  • Nanoelectronics,
  • Low Power VLSI,
  • Mixed Signal Circuit Design,
  • Circuit Design,
  • CMOS RF Circuit Design,
  • SOC Design & Test,
  • Mixed Signal Design,
  • Computer Architecture,
  • Memory Design,
  • VLSI Design & Test Flow,
  • RF Circuit Design,
  • RF Transceiver Design,

We invite authors to suggest and submit papers on all aspects of VLSI Design, Microeletronics and Embedded Systems. This journal’s focus and scope is not limited to the topics mentioned above.