Vol 1, No 3 (2016)

Computer-Aided Design Optimization of the Crosshead of a Ball Screw Driven Universal Testing Machine: A Review

Authors:-Mr. S. M. Dhage, Dr. A. A. Miraje , Mr. A. A. Kumbhojkar

Abstract:-Universal testing machine is used for testing tensile and compression strengths of a component. Other tests that can be performed on UTM are shear test and bending test. Optimization means either maximization of desirable parameters or minimization of undesirable parameters. It is nothing but the process of obtaining the best result out of a number of choices. The function which is to be maximized or minimized is called as objective function. In optimization, we have to find out such conditions that will help to get the maximum or minimum value of the objective function. In design, construction and maintenance of any engineering system, engineers have to take many decisions at several stages that may be either technological or managerial. The ultimate goal of all such decisions is either to minimize the effort required or to maximize the desired benefit. In highly competitive manufacturing industries now-a-days, the ultimate goal of the manufactures is to produce a high quality product with reduced cost and time constraints. To achieve these goals, one of the considerations is to optimize one or more parameters through the process of finding the conditions that give the maximum or minimum value of a function. In the present case, the objective is to optimize the movable crosshead of a ball screw driven universal testing machine by minimizing its weight. To find out such an optimum condition, the results of using advanced modelling and analytical software are presented in this paper. Analytical results were validated after comparing results of analysis with actual testing results obtained on prototype.

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