Journal of Building and Construction Engineering

The Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering includes planning, designing and executing structural works. It also  deals with a wide range of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and construction activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewage systems, ports etc.

The Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering is a combination of designing, which is an aspect of Civil Engineering as well as the aspects of construction management. 

Some of the topics covered under this journal (but not limited to them) are:

  • Surveying
  • Strength of Materials
  • Building Technology
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Design of Hydraulic Structures
  • Architecture and Town Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Planning and Control
  • Modern Construction Materials
  • Construction Project Management
  • Structural Systems and Design
  • Construction Methods and Equipment
  • Functional Efficiency of Buildings

We invite authors to suggest and submit papers on all aspects of civil, structural and structural engineering. This journal’s focus and scope is not limited to the topics mentioned above.