Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

Conscious Commerce and Environmentalism

Author: Dr. Chandra Sekhar Dash

Abstract: Every day we create the world we live in through our consumption. We may not realize it, but our daily purchasing decisions are some of the most important choices we make and have far reaching global impact. The food we eat, the shoe we ware have far reaching environmental consequences that we are facing today. Commerce is the lifeblood of humanity. Since the dawn of civilization people have bartered with and bought goods from one another. Cultivating consciousness around consumption means developing awareness around our true impact on other people and this planet. By making an effort to be more conscious about our daily life decision would change the way products are produced, sold and consumed in the market and thereby make the world a better place to live in. For example, simply by choosing to be vegetarian, we can thousands of sea animas, goats, pigs and chicken would save from cruelty, with which they killed by butchers. Choosing to purchasing a Paper packed gift would save the environment from being polluted by thousands of tonnes of plastic wastes. Astoundingly, the concern has completely lost sight off and there is no evidence of research in this area. Accordingly, an attempt is made in this study to identify all the multifarious dimensions through which consciousness can be built to achieve an environmentally sustainable life in the plant. The methodology relies mostly on extensive review of literature drawn from journals, periodicals, videos, interviews, books, internet documents & TED talks, as secondary source of data.The findings of the study indicated that the objective can be achieved by building a diversified strategy of consciousness, One from the business men adopting environmental friendly production technology and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative and the other from the consumers side through conscientious consumption while making their  daily purchases, consumption, method of waste disposal, social activism&innovative and creative ways in solving personal &local issues,substantially protecting the environment, people and the planet.

Keywords: - Environmentalism, Conscious commerce, conscientious commerce

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