Journal of Computer Programming and Multimedia

Journal of Computer Programming and Multimedia deals in solving deep, multidimensional problems through practical appreciation of design concepts, development techniques and technical skills. The Journal aims to give the knowledge and skills in the design and programming of computer-based interactive products that incorporate text, graphics, sound, digital illustration, animation and video.

The Journal is also dedicated to the distribution of research results in the areas of software systems development, use and maintenance, including the software aspects of hardware design.
Some of the topics covered under this journal (but not limited to them) are:

  • Drawing and Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Programming
  • Multimedia Design
  • Photography, Video Graphics, 3D Motion Graphics
  • Webpages, Servers and Browsers
  • Quering and Managing Data
  • Games and Visualisations
  • Natural Simulations
  • Interactive Webpages
  • 2D/3D Translation, Rotation, Scaling and Shear
  • Internet,TCP/ UDP/ IP
  • Multimedia communications: Mechanisms,Technologies and Protocols
  • Requirements, specification, design, validation, verification, coding, testing, maintenance, metrics and renovation of software Design,
  • Implementation and evaluation of programming languages
  • High-Level Programming Languages.
  • Programming environments, development tools, visualisation and animation;