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Vol 3, No 1 (2018): A Cloud –Based Smart Parking System Based On IOT

Authors: Vinu Thadevus Williams, Dr, K.S Angel Viji

Abstract: This paper introduces different algorithms that increases the efficiency of the current cloud-based smart-parking system or different methodology to implement the car parking system. The network architecture based on the Internet-of-Things technology has more advancement in future than other technologies. Proposed a system that helps users automatically find a free parking space at the least cost based on new performance metrics to calculate the user parking cost by considering the distance and the total number of free places in each car park that is comparing here in different parking technology. The simulation results in different literature of parking system technology, how to show that the algorithm helps improve the probability of successful parking and minimizes the user waiting time, cost, complexity etc. Successfully implemented the proposed systems comparison in the real world implementation. Here I compared the technologies with cloud-based parking system using IoT to others. And justify which is the better technology. Here we are mainly discussed car parking system based on two technologies, NFC based and cloud-based using IoT technologies.

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