Online ISSN- 2457-0818

Vol 6, No 3 (2021)

Discriminative Robust Local Binary Patterns for Effective Face Detection Using Machine Learning

Authors: M .Shalima Sulthana, C. Naga Raju

Abstract: Machine learning makes the systems to find, capture, store and analyse the facial features automatically. Face recognition has a major role in interpretations of expressions for identifying human faces. In the area of machine learning facial recognition is a challenging problem and lots of attempts were made for identifying invariant features of face but they recognize the face when it is completely visible. In this paper some of the techniques are investigated and proposed discriminative robust local binary patterns technique (DRLBP) for classification of face images with different emotional expressions and rotation variant images. For database construction GLCM with six features is applied on the output of DRLBP and multi linear regression classifier is applied for classification. The accuracy is estimated by using confusion matrix. The experimental results are calculated it’s clearly observed that our proposed method shows better accuracy.

Keywords: LBP, PCA, DRLBP, MLRM and GLCM

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