Journal of Embedded Systems & Its Applications

Embedded systems are increasingly becoming a key technological component of all kinds of complex technical systems, ranging from vehicles, telephones, audio-video equipment, aircraft, toys, security systems, medical diagnostics, to weapons, pacemakers, climate control systems, manufacturing systems, intelligent power systems etc. 
The Journal of Embedded Systems & its applications 
addresses the state of the art of all aspects of embedded computing systems with emphasis on algorithms, systems, models, compilers, architectures, tools, design methodologies, test and applications.

Topics covered in the journal (but not exclusively) are the following:

  • Embedded system architecture
  • Embedded software
  • Embedded hardware
  • Application-specific processors/devices
  • Real-time systems
  • Hardware/software co-design
  • Testing techniques
  • Industrial practices, benchmark suites
  • Education
  • Emerging technologies/applications/principle
  • Micro-controller Based Embedded Systems Design
  • Embedded Operating Systems
  • Embedded Instrumentation & Control
  • Embedded Automotive Systems
  • Embedded Access Technologies
  • Embedded Design Cycle
  • Advance Embedded Signal and Image Processing
  • FPGA Based Embedded System Design
  • Embedded Programming Languages