Journal of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering

The Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering is a peer reviewed tri-annual journal that presents papers on a wide range of relevant topics. The aim of the journal is to become a knowledgebase for professionals in electronics and telecommunications field and help them in their task of designing different equipment, such as switches, modems, radio links and routers etc.

This journal aims to assist students and professionals of electronics and telecommunications by presenting them with ideas for development of new systems and their management, and enhancing the performance of these systems.

We present papers on the topics given below, but encourage researchers to present a paper on any other relevant topic that we did not mention here:

Basic electrical & electronics engineering, principle of communication engineering, digital and analog logic circuits, Engineering Mechanics, Uniprocessor and multiprocessor environment, wave guides and transmission lines, parallel processing and pipelining, electronics for audio/video broadcasting, electrical networks, computer programming, engineering drawing, engineering mechanics, digital logic design, microprocessors & microcontrollers, principles of control systems, fundamentals of microwave engineering, optical fibre communication, discrete time signal processing, electromagnetic wave theory, computer programming, advance microwave engineering, telecom regulation, industrial regulation, electronic instrumentation, and more.

We invite authors to suggest and submit papers on all topics of electronics and telecommunications engineering. This journal’s focus and scope is not limited to the topics mentioned above.