Journal of Research in Image and Signal Processing

The Journal of Image and Signal Processing is a peer reviewed tri-annual journal that presents insightful papers on theory and practical application of digital image and signal processing. The Journal is committed to promote basic research as well as application development in this highly specialized field. 

Topics covered in the journal (but not exclusively) are the following:

  • Coding and Transmission
  • Image Acquisition and Display
  • Digital Signal Processing in Communications
  • Image Formation
  • Applied Digital Signal Processing
  • Emerging Technologies for Digital Signal Processing
  • Applications of Image and Signal Processing
  • Storage and Retrieval of Digital Images
  • Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  • Scan, Display and Print of Digital Images

Signal and image processing is a highly specialized field of engineering as it involves modelling of signals and study of physics related to its application, development and monitoring of algorithms that extract the required data from the signal, and running these algorithms on electronic applications. 

We invite authors to suggest and submit papers on all aspects of Image Processing and Signal Processing. This journal’s focus and scope is not limited to the topics mentioned above.