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Vol 4, No 2 (2020): “A Study on Farmer’s Preference for Selling Raw Milk by Different Mode with Special Reference to Gir Somnath District”

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Authors:-Bharat Barad

Abstract:-The Basic intent of the paper is to understand the current scenario of milk producer in Saurastra region and various issues of the live stockholder. We know that with the increase in education and development in technology change the scenario of dairy sector and its stakeholder. Through this research I try to put efforts on identify the preference of milk producer for adopting different mode for distributing raw milk. In this research I take the sample of 100 milk producer from different village of Gir Somnath. I prepare the questionnaire for collecting data by using Likert scale. Analysis of data suggest that the most of raw milk producer adopt NDDB dairy and co-operative dairy due to higher price and better collection method used by these dairy. Also research finding suggest that price rate, collection method and location of milk collection centre are the factor which build the preference of milk producer for adopting mode for selling raw milk, while payment method used by dairy and service provided by the dairy are secondary factor which is considered by milk producer for adopting mode for selling raw milk.

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