Vol 5, No 2 (2021)

An Evaluation of Corporate Governance in Higher Education Sector of Bangladesh

Author: Md. Enamul Kabir

Abstract: This research aims to investigate the application and an evaluation of corporate governance in higher education sector of Bangladesh. The study also intends to gather indications on the practices of academic management in different institutions. The approaches of the study relies on understanding lists of governance standards from some advanced educational institutions and practices a “comparative methodology” centered on the data from Bangladesh. This research assessments the various models of “the higher education governance” and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some model. The discoveries of this study reveal that Bangladeshi universities need to perceive the significance of clarifying the reason for governance. The importance of this study lies in examining whether the governance standards are related with practical application in universities. Also it examines whether there is an encouragement of the culture and social aspects on the application and understanding of these ethics. The significance of receiving administration measures in Bangladesh lies in its possibility to change the higher education organizations’ practices, and increment their ability for greatness. Thus, ensures the autonomy of advanced education alongside its quality and viability particularly with respect to their yield and status locally and internationally.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Higher Education, Accountability, Operational Performance, Implementations, Bangladesh.

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