Journal of Renewable Energy and Resources

The  Journal of Renewable Energy Resorces seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge of the various topics and technologies of renewable (green) energy resources. The journal aims to present to the international community important results of work in the fields of renewable energy research, development, application or design. The journal also aims to help researchers, scientists, manufacturers, institutions, world agencies, societies, etc. to keep up with new developments in theory and applications and to provide alternative energy solutions to current issues such as the greenhouse effect, sustainable and clean energy issues.

The coverage of journal includes the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Photovoltaic Technology,
  • Solar Thermal Applications,
  • Biomass,
  • Wind Energy Technology, 
  • Materials Science,
  • Solar and Low Energy Architecture,
  • Energy Conservation in Buildings,
  • Geothermal, Wave and Tide,
  • Ocean Thermal Energies,
  • Mini Hydro Power,
  • Hydrogen Production Technology,
  • Energy policy,
  • Socio-economic on Energy,
  • Energy Efficiency and Management.
  • Climatology and Meteorology