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Journal of Software Engineering & Software Testing

The Journal of Software engineering & Software Testing deals with the application of engineering to software that includes documenting the requirements of the software through application of basic design principles. The journal also emplasizes to analyze and design alternatives keeping in mind the utility of the finished product and whether the final product meets its requirements. At the same The journal also emphasizes on the safety, reliability, cost-affectivity and functional aspects of the software.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2019): “Multiple Service App”

Authors:-Abhilash Mule, Charmi Shah, Isha Osawal, Sahil Gargare, N.M.Thorwe

Abstract:-This is a site to login to get the latest updates of the household services. An easy way to buy a service just sitting in front of your computers by registering into our site. This is to facilitate all people who are busy with their works and have no time to get their desired goods & services. We are here to provide you all the best and suitable places for sale & services. If once you register into our site, then you are benefitted with our latest updates of the services! One can easily login to get any kind of information. Here the user is also facilitated to directly interact with the consumer. He can get the desired service with different rates and quality. The main goal is to provide the customer with various goods & services just by sitting in front of a computer .He can get the service easily without moving from place to place. Consumers can also have a chance of introducing their service not only in a single place but throughout the world using online classifieds .This system allows the user to interact directly just by sitting in front of the computer. Consumers have a chance of comparing the service and purchase the desired one.

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