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Journal of Software Engineering & Software Testing

The Journal of Software engineering & Software Testing deals with the application of engineering to software that includes documenting the requirements of the software through application of basic design principles. The journal also emplasizes to analyze and design alternatives keeping in mind the utility of the finished product and whether the final product meets its requirements. At the same The journal also emphasizes on the safety, reliability, cost-affectivity and functional aspects of the software.

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Vol 2, No 3 (2017): Secret Key Distribution Method for Encrypted Outsourced Data on Cloud: A Review

Authors: Pooja Arudkar, Vikrant Chole

Abstract: Cloud computing has become a trend with the provision of innumerable benefits.Cloud has become an emerging standard that brings about various technologiesand computing ideas for internet at very low cost. Massive storage centres are provided by the cloud which can be accessed easily from any corner of the world and at any time but there are certain issues and challenges faced by the user while using cloud computing with regard to security.However new challenges popped out to ensure confidentiality, integrity and access control of the data. To address these problems we have a tendency to propose a theme that uses threshold cryptography within which data owner divides users in groups and provides single key to every group at the moment, that single key (separate by formula that becomes distinctive secret key) is distributeto every user of that cluster for decoding of information.The most important feature of this theme is that cut back the number of security key and it additionally make sure that solely attested users can access the outsourced knowledge.

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