Journal of Software Engineering & Software Testing (ISSN: 2457-0516)

Vol 4, No 3 (2019)

Emotion Detection during Call Using Artificial Intelligence

Authors:-Prof.SirdeshPande S.A, Bobade Ankita Sukhadeo, Dargude Dipali Vitthal, Kharat Monali Sampat, Gawade Ashwini Madhukar

Abstract:-The analysis of human speech is a very challenging research area as it concerns the detection of user communities. Emotions play an initial role in human interaction. The ability to understand human emotions by analyzing voice is desirable in different applications of speech recognition in emotions can be found in different areas, such as the interaction between computers and humans and call centers. Previously, emotion recognition made use of simple classifiers on bag-of-words models. However, the existing work of emotion recognition on Voice was carried out with the help of deep learning techniques on static voice data. The proposed method focuses on increasing the overall accuracy of emotion recognition during calls using artificial intelligence. The overall aim is to accurately recognize the various emotions that a particular speech expresses semantically.

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