Journal of Wireless Communication, Network and Mobile Engineering Technology

Covering both theory and practical topics, Journal of Wireless Communication, Network and Mobile Engineering Technology offers a sound survey of the major industry-relevant aspects of wireless communication, networks and mobile engineering technologies. 

The journal gives up to date coverage of both wireless communications and wireless networks with new expanded coverage of Mobile Engineering Technology such as Wi-Fi and Wi Max. The text explores the key networking topics with a unique approach covering: technology and architecture, network design approaches, and types of networks and applications.

Some of the topics covered under this journal (but not limited to them) are:

  • RF, antennas, and propagation
  • wireless access technologies
  • network and service architectures
  • network management and security,
  • policies and regulations
  • facilities infrastructure
  • spread spectrum
  • satellite communications
  • cordless systems
  • fixed wireless access or wireless local loop
  • Wireless Cellular and Wireless LANs
  • Mobile IP Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • Blue-tooth
  • Wireless Internet and Web access