Trends in Microwave Engineering and Technology

Trends in Microwave Engineering and Technology is a peer reviewed journal that presents
insightful papers on theory and practical application of Microwave Engineering and
Technology. The Journal is committed to promote basic research as well as application
development in this highly specialized field.
Topics covered in the journal (but not exclusively) are the following:
High Frequency Semiconductor Devices including CMOS, SiGe, GaN, GaAs, and InP, RF,
Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Active/Passive Circuit Design, Low Noise Low Power
Front-End Electronics, Power Generation/Combining and Ampliflication Techniques,
Frequency Conversion Techniques including Mixers, Multipliers, and Dividers for Receiver
and Transmitter Applications, Active and Passive Phased Array Antenna Technology,
Antennas: Apertures and Reflectors, Printed Circuit, Wire Antennas, Microwave Photonics
Techniques, Transmission Lines and Passive Filters, Active Filters and Circuit Elements,
Wireless Network (Mobile and Fixed) Specific Monolithic Integrated Circuit Design and
Fabrication, System Level RF Chip Design and Technology