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Pharmacy Journals

1. Journal of Pharmacy and Medicinal Research

2. Journal of Research in Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicinal Products

3. Journal of Research in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

4. Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Drug Research

5. Journal of Research in Forensic Medicines and Biotechnology

6. Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug formulation

7. Journal of Pharmacovigilence and Quality Assurance

8. Journal of Community Medicine and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

9. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research

10. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medical Technology

11. Journal of Pharmaceutical Management and Medical Laboratory Technology

12. Journal of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics

13. Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Science (Common)

14. Journal of Pathology, Communicable diseases and Preventive Medicines (Common)

15. Journal of Research in Microbiology and Immunology (Common)

16. Journal of Research in Human Anatomy and Physiology (Common)