Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management



Vol 1, No 1 (2017): Application of Analytics in Employee Hiring

Author: Anshul Saxena

Abstract: In this world with the enormously ranging amount of data that works in fitting in the term called as big data and cloud data storages all the industrial focus is on acquiring a long lasting technological hands on their existing functions and practices which would yield them the best strategic techniques to develop in their business market. Employees are the most valuable asserts of the organization that reflects the quality of the firm. And choosing them is on the higher note for a human resource manager. This process of acquiring the best talents for their organization could be the done with the data mining tools and techniques that are capable of predicting the yielding capacity of an employee in the future. The human resource department are now able to identify which are the educational institution that yield the best talents to the industries and what are the benchmarks that those talents have in choosing the organization that they wish to work in. which helps the HR s in producing the best talents and can exploit that data at the time of recruitment.

Vol 1, No 1 (2017): A Study on Employee Absenteeism

Authors: Monisha. M, Lakshmi Subbramani

Abstract: Absenteeism is one of the major problem faced by many organizations. The growth of the industry is mainly affected due to absenteeism. The productivity and efficiency of the workers will be wasted if the skilled employees go away from the work for a long time due to social factors, personal factors and economic factor. The growth of the organization will go down if the human resources are wasted unnecessarily. To avoid this problem effective measures has to be taken. But this problem of absenteeism cannot be solved suddenly. We can reduce the problem to some extent by taking proper remedies.

Vol 1, No 1 (2017): A Study on Employee Job Motivation and its Effect on Performance

Authors: R. Krithika, Lakshmi Subbramani

Abstract: In the present days, employee motivation had become one of the important factors that influence the employee performance. “Employee motivation is a reflection of the level of energy and commitment that the workers bring to their jobs.” More than regular work, wages and salary, employees starting expect more from the employer which lays as the route to motivation. The study focuses on the factors affecting motivation and how it affects the production of the organization. It also focuses on employee’s need and the factors that motivate them to perform better and how it can be improved. The current research is focused on the employees of engineering tools manufacturing company in Coimbatore. Mapping of motivation and performance score has been developed in the study for the company, were their level of performance and level of job motivation using questionnaire and analysis had been done to strengthen the mapping. From the findings it was found that high percentage of employees prefers financial incentives over non-financial incentives which will be their major factor for job motivation.

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