Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 2, No 2 (2018)

Effect of Work-Relatives Meddling On Life Satisfaction among the Females Employees in Police Division

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Authors: Prabhati Rathore, Neetu Pareek

Abstract: 1. The serious issue faced by feminine employees is the stress that lies linking their not public lives & occupation pursuits. The tension could be seen as a appearance of clash in that the role pressure through the work and relatives field are mismatched. In short participation in one position becomes trickier in another role. Today, Females employees are struggling to please the work and relatives in the work force for its conducive to with lower employee turnover, higher engagement and greater service for both in relatives and job. The current research evaluated the work-relatives role clash among the Females employees in public service sector. This have been determined by Work approval in terms of work role uniqueness like work demand, work fatigue and manager. The results revels that job demand and job exhaustion and supervisors support majorly influence on work and relatives role clash of the respondents. The job demand also had higher positive indirect effect through work exhaustion on the dependent variable. Managers maintain is the strongest predictor followed by job demand and work exhaustion on work meddling with relatives. Among the three explanatory variables, job demand and work collapse have been showed higher positive direct effect on the dependent variable of work and relatives role. The findings and consequences of the will help the Females respondents to overcome their work-relatives role clash.

2. Similarly work fatigue also had higher encouraging indirect effect on the needy variable.

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