Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 4, No 1 (2020)

TO ‘Train ‘or ‘Drain’: Is the Training Only Solution for Organizational Performance?

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Authors:-Dr. Nisar Ahamad Nalband, Fahad Saud Alaqely

Abstract:-Saudi Arabia is one of the youngest developing countries in the world, so far it has been enjoying its revenues generated from the petroleum. Due to increase in the population and change of mind set of the people from the traditional way of life to global way of life style and fluctuations in oil prices results into a pressing need on the part of the government to shift its focus from mere oil generated revenues to other avenue’s.


Saudi Arabian work force is unique by itself due to too much of dependence on expatriate workforce on one hand and nationalistic approach in staffing on the other hand. Recently there is an emphasis from the government on private sector to provide jobs to its nationals only.


The management practices in Saudi Arabia across private sector are very traditional to very modern or latest."Wasta" (recommendation) is a unique traditional practice in particular in the country's stiffing culture. This case discusses about its presence and impact on the management practices as well on the organizations performance

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