Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 4, No 2 (2020)

“A Study on Hotel and Tourism Industry in Respect of Women Entrepreneurship at D.K District”

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Authors:-Guru Prasad KJ, Varun Dongre

Abstract:-The participation of women in business is now a contemporary issue through worldwide. This study was conducted on the prospective for analyzing the empowering of women through entrepreneurship development. This study has tried to find out the motivational factors to be an entrepreneur and the constraints that hinder their entrepreneurial abilities. To find out a justified result the study was based on the primary data. However the factors that have been revealed as a motivational tool for women entrepreneurs are helping husband, financial independence, availability of loan, social position, family support, creativity development, helping society, social value constraints etc. and the study also reveals with the help of 30 respondents that women entrepreneurship business need concentration from the government. Women are taking less support from the government as they do not have knowledge regarding the available schemes under the government. Even though it is a major constraint women have many opportunities to carry out the small businesses as a shopkeeper, tailoring, beauty parlor and making masala powder etc. if the women who engages themselves in such type of businesses can get a good amount of return on their investments. Hence, the study focuses on the finding factors supporting and constraining women entrepreneurs in coastal Karnataka. Set of hypothesis analyzed through SPSS by applying different econometric and statistical techniques like tables, charts, graph, one way ANOVA test, and regression analysis and co-efficient of correlation technique.  Final conclusion is drawn on the basis of empirical findings throughout the study.

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