Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 4, No 2 (2020)

Reskilling the Workforce with Proper Knowledge of Ergonomics Among the Workers and Employees for Effective Human Resourc

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Author: Dr. V. Abirami, D. Mahalakshmi

Abstract: As  the  job  landscape  evolves, there  happens a need between  the uncertainty and  the  expertise of  the  job  predictions and  job skills. The  organization’s  need and the future  reskilling  of workers  has become  more and more  important in the modern  trend  of the  environment. Some  of the  skills adviser  at  the Chartered  Institute  of Personnel  and  Development (CIPZ)  gives a  detailed  study  about the  reskilling  process as  the  main responsibility  for the reinforcement  of the organizations like Government, individual  concern, industry and  businesses  concerns  who play a  major  role  in the successful  transition  into new, yet  to be developed, jobs. A rapid  digitalized  global  economy  is  has to be made for the proper functioning  of the  ecosystem  as  a  whole. “Future employment is one of the hottest topics of our time,†says Thomas Frey, senior futurist and executive director of the Da Vinci Institute. The  acknowledgement of the  individual  inevitable  changes that  happen in the 21st  century, the  shift of workers responsibility, more than any other group, personal  employment  will be the key driver in the future. In order to  cope up with the new technologies and  knowledge factory, a skill based learning of the techniques  used  is  delivered  and  trained  for the  progress of the  organization and  concern.  Thus I would like to do a detailed study of the reskilling the work force of the workers and employees  with the proper knowledge of the  ergonomics for the effective management of the Human Resource Management. 

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