Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 4, No 2 (2020)

“The Role of HOD’s in Assessing Post Training Behavioral Change of Employees in Ace Designer, Bangalore”

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Author: Bhavya B S

Abstract: Paper gives overall view and knowledge about The Role of HOD’s in Assessing Post Training Behavior Change Of Employees. Assessing the Change in Behavior is difficult for any organization. Research is found out factors that have not been not included by the HOD’s assess change of behavior after training. The research design research study conducted for six weeks by taking samples from the employees. Data was collected through survey method. And well-designed questionnaire was used to collecting the data. Main objective of study was to study the factors that been considered to assess the behavior change of workers. Inspect the impact of doing post training change in workforces.


The main findings where it is understood that training effectiveness form given by the employee is not been used to assess the behavioral changes and there is no definite procedures are taken to assess the employee behaviour. . Personal interview for clearing doubt and problem of employees has it been conducted yearly once. Main results found that the trainee’s behaviour probably identified by the subordinates see the behaviour all day who are working closely together. Behaviour of some employees changes after six months or a year. For some people never change their behaviour. so it is important to repeat the evaluation regularly. It is understood that conducting regular group activities creates pro-activeness in employees and it reduced stress and keep healthy mind. Keeping good behaviour improves work environment and productivity.

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