Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

A Study on Employee Engagement with Reference to FMCG Companies

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Author:-Shikha Prembahadur Singh

Abstract:-Employee engagement is a measurable degree of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to their job and organization, which profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work. The engaged employee is fully involved in and enthusiastic about his/her work and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization’s interest. Employee engagement is a partnership between the organization and its employees. The engaged employee will stay with the company and they will normally perform better and be more motivated. There is a significant link between employee engagement and profitability. Employee engagement helps to create an environment of trust and openness within the organization.



This paper attempt to study the employee engagement Practices for organization and present the employee engagement adopted by FMCG companies. The researcher has recorded the learning gathered from the cases of the selected organization in order to present the understanding of Employee engagement. It is a conceptual and descriptive study conducted massively with the help of secondary data.

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