Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

A Comparative Study on the Work-Life Balance of Employees Pre and Post Covid Work Culture

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Authors: Krishnasamy. T, Sruthi .C, Sabari Sri Chellammal .B

Abstract: Work-life balance is one of the key factors for the employees to achieve success. Organizations have devised various plans, policies, programs to help their employees to achieve the balance between their work commitments and family responsibilities. The present pandemic caused by COVID-19 has caused unprecedented turmoil in human lives. Invoking the typology of crises, we classify COVID-19 as an intractable crisis that necessitated nations to impose lockdowns. As national economies and businesses got a severe blow with this closure, organizations encouraged employees to work from home. Drawing upon the employee isolation literature, we aimed to examine the impact of work from home on employees before and during the lockdown. This investigation would help us learn about the nature and quality of work in the context of the current crisis. Towards this, the study was conducted by taking primary and secondary data sets, and the analysis was made. The study was conducted by collecting data from employees of different sectors. The study found that work responsibilities negatively impact the personal life of employees. Employees reported an increase in working hours, major changes in their roles, reduced levels of productivity, and increased levels of stress. Thus, the present study aimed to assess how employees were coping with work from home during this unprecedented lockdown.

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