Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

Comparative Study of Stress in Male and Female of Final Year Engineering Students

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Author: R. S. Swathi

Abstract: Engineering education in India rooted during the British era. It started with the main focus on Civil Engineering and now expanded its branches in different specialized areas. The diversified braches of engineering provides wide opportunities of employment in various public and private organizations with handsome packages. This has resulted in popularity of engineering courses across the country. To meet the demand for engineering courses, India is increasing its sanctioned intake for engineering courses. In the last five years the sanctioned strength grew from 1.15 lakhs to 5.51 lakhs. The number of female students enrolling for engineering courses has also showed tremendous increase in last decade. Today, a large number of Indian engineers have left remarkable impact on the world internationally. To attain these positive outcomes, students have to face many problems and challenges during undergraduate engineering courses. The process of professional education is often stressful. Various studies across the globe have emphasized that students undertaking professional courses, such as medical and engineering studies are subjected to higher stress. Excessive stress could lead to psychological problems like depression, anxiety and also it may cause suicides.

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