Journal of Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management

Vol 5, No 2 (2021)

Customer Satisfaction in Banks

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Authors: Thimmaiah Bayavanda Chinnappa

Abstract: Banks are the mart of the world, the nerve centers of Economics and Barometers of nation’s property.  Banking in India is indeed as old as Himalayas.  But, the banking functions became an effective force only after the first decade of 20th century. India is having around 600 banks with 4800 branches spread all over the country and these were nationalized in a three-phased manner. Today the cost of retaining a customer is just one-tenth the cost of acquiring a new one. Banks do offer tangible services but which cannot satisfy the customers, who need intangible services, which could be experienced like behavior and efficiency of staff, speed of transactions and the ambience. The need of this study is to bring out by what extent the selected bank branches cater the needs of customers of Ooty in Nilgris District viz.,. State Bank of India, Indian Bank and the Canara Bank.  This study is coined with twin objectives  first To understand how far the physical facilities is feasible  and second  To elicit the opinion of the customers on their satisfaction of the selected branches.

Keyword: Banks, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Relationship, Managers, RBI Guidelines

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