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Vol 7, No 1 (2023): Consumer Attitude towards Aavin Milk Packed in Coimbatore City

Authors:  Hari Krishnan.V,  Hariharan. S

Abstract: Tamil Nadu is the one of the tenth largest milk producing state in India. The goal of the study is to know the consumers behavior towards Aavin milk. The main objective of this study is to find out the prominent reason on consumer satisfaction towards Aavin milk. To identify the factors influencing the level of satisfaction  towards Aavin milk. To identify the problems faced by the consumer while using Aavin milk. Tools used in this project is simple percentage analysis. Some of the consumers suggestion is to improve the packaging of the Aavin milk. Most of the customers suggestion is to reduce the price of the Aavin milk products. From this study it is concluded that most of the consumer are satisfied with Aavin milk. From various respondents the research has gathered lot of information’s about Aavin milk. The data shows the consumer buy the Aavin milk for its quality, purity, and taste.

Keywords: Milk purchasing, Consumer buying behavior.


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