Vol 6, No 2 (2022): Consumer Behavior towards Green and Eco-Friendly Products

Authors:- Dr. Kritika, Dr. Anand Prakash, Aditi

Abstract:- With the growth of the economy there is also an increase in the consumption pattern all across the world. Due to this excess consumption, economy is being severely exploited. This also resulted in the various environmental problems like: Loss of biodiversity and ozone depletion which ultimately become a reason of people concern and sparked the green movement for the protection of the environment. Even in India the demand for the green product is rapidly increasing because of the consumers concern for the environment. The present study is about the “Consumer Behavior towards Green Product”. The present study aims to identify the relation or association between the factors that affect the consumers’ behavior for green products. For this purpose convenience sampling method was used and primary data were collected from the 40 respondents through online questionnaire containing close-ended questions.

Keywords:- Green product, Consumer behavior, Environment, Environment friendly.

Vol 6, No 1 (2022): Sales Promotion's Influence on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Products and Its Effects on Sales

Authors:- Deepak Kumar, Pankaj Bhardwaj, Ankit Singh

Abstract:- To advertise their products and services through its salesperson, every firm requires sales promotion and distribution. In today's industry, sales promotion and distribution are critical. So it is critical to understand how far these promotional activities are instilling brand awareness in the minds of customers and persuading them to purchase products and services, as well as the need to improve the quality, innovation, and use of technology in distribution and sales promotions. The study's major goal is to investigate FMCG firms' advertising and promotional tactics for the service offered, as well as to find the most successful sales promotion approach for chosen items promoted by the companies. A sample of 150 respondents was collected for this purpose, and percentage analysis, mean rank, and chi square were used as statistical tools to analyse the data. The conclusion is that the companies have a reach towards the advertisements they make, but some effective measures must be taken by them to make the advertisements more effective in the future.

Keywords:- FMCG products, Sales Promotion and Distribution, Effect on Sales


Vol 6, No 1 (2022): A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Internet Marketing Activity With Regard to Amazon

Authors:- Dr. D. Manikandavelu, Ambika Binesh

Abstract:- In this digital age, marketers confront new difficulties and possibilities. Marketers utilise electronic media to promote items or services in the market through digital marketing. The primary goal of digital marketing is to attract customers and provide them with opportunities to connect with the company via digital media. This article discusses the significance of digital marketing for both merchants and buyers. Let's look at how digital marketing affects corporate sales. This document also discusses the contrasts between conventional marketing and digital marketing. This research explored several types of digital marketing, their efficacy, and their impact on corporate sales. The sample investigated consisted of 150 enterprises and 50 executives who were chosen at random to assess the effectiveness of digital marketing. The obtained data was evaluated using various statistical tools and approaches.

Keywords:- Marketers, Internet Marketing, merchants and buyers

Vol 6, No 1 (2022): Tea Marketing in Tamilnadu: Perceptions of the Influencing Factors

Authors:- K. Karuppasamy, Mahadevi , Dr. V. Ezhilarasi

Abstract:- Marketing is the act of selling goods and services to customers. Respondents advertise tea in a number of ways. Because goods must be sold as quickly as they are manufactured in order to satisfy the production target. Sales delays pose a plethora of financial and other issues for manufacturers. Tea is disseminated in a variety of ways. The many sales methods and qualities related with Tea marketing are identified, and attitudes toward each component are investigated.

Keywords:- Retailers, Marketing, Agriculture, Medium Farmers, Commission Agents,

Vol 6, No 1 (2022): Social Media and Consumer Behavior: Conceptual Framework

Authors:- Dr. Kritika, Anshul

Abstract:- The social media has a huge impact on consumer buying decision, it create Image & Knowledge enhancement for the product & market. It decreases the role of physically present consumer, seller & market, save time & speedy transaction of buying. These current retail marketing play roles to favorable to both buyer & seller, which lead to enhance the buying & selling, grow to economy.

Keywords:- Social media, Consumer behavior, Communication, Growth to economy, Influence buying decision

Vol 6, No 1 (2022): The Impact of Colour as a Factor of Neuromarketing on Consumer Buying Behaviour- A Study Based In Kolkata

Authors:- Dr. Soma Nath, Sakshi Kanodia

Abstract:- ‘Neuromarketing’ uses the study of neuroscience to understand the consumer and marketing strategies. Neuromarketing has played an increasingly important role in the field of marketing. The usage of this strategy has seen a boost in sales, brand image, purchase rates and customer loyalty of various companies. This paper aims at establishing a relation between colour as a major factor of neuromarketing and consumer behaviour and provide recommendations to the marketers so that they can benefit from this tendency of consumers. Companies have been using a substantial portion of their budget in neuromarketing to understand the consumer behaviour, urge consumers to buy their products and lure them into the stores using human tendency and psychology.

Keywords:- Neuromarketing, Colour, Consumer, Consumer buying Behaviour, Marketer, Consumer Response, Marketing.


Vol 5, No 2 (2021): An Evaluation of Corporate Governance in Higher Education Sector of Bangladesh

Author: Md. Enamul Kabir

Abstract: This research aims to investigate the application and an evaluation of corporate governance in higher education sector of Bangladesh. The study also intends to gather indications on the practices of academic management in different institutions. The approaches of the study relies on understanding lists of governance standards from some advanced educational institutions and practices a “comparative methodology” centered on the data from Bangladesh. This research assessments the various models of “the higher education governance” and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some model. The discoveries of this study reveal that Bangladeshi universities need to perceive the significance of clarifying the reason for governance. The importance of this study lies in examining whether the governance standards are related with practical application in universities. Also it examines whether there is an encouragement of the culture and social aspects on the application and understanding of these ethics. The significance of receiving administration measures in Bangladesh lies in its possibility to change the higher education organizations’ practices, and increment their ability for greatness. Thus, ensures the autonomy of advanced education alongside its quality and viability particularly with respect to their yield and status locally and internationally.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Higher Education, Accountability, Operational Performance, Implementations, Bangladesh.

Vol 5, No 2 (2021): Visualizing World with New Normal: A Paradigm Shift

Authors: Shilpi Chakravarty, Dr. Iti Gaur

Abstract: In the era of CORONA Virus, everything in the world is changing, so as business marketing, a product or a service, all need to design their new marketing strategies to cope up with this new world, but while adaption of new strategies related to social media, CSR, and prioritizing technology,  there will be some precaution that should always kept in mind. Nothing can be changed instantly; we need some slow and sustainable change to get out of it. It’s nothing to fear about this phase, like many other obstacles this era will also pass on and a new virus free world will be created.

Keywords: Digital Marketing, Paradigm Shift, Coronavirus, Consumer Needs


Vol 5, No 2 (2021): General and Financial Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 Second Wave on Education System in India

Author:- Dr Punit Goel

Abstract:- General and Financial Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 Second Wave has badly affected education sectors of India as well as world. It has enforced the lock down of schools and colleges and complete shutdown of all educational activities throughout India. The second wave outbreak of COVID--19 may cause of our carelessness, not to maintain social distancing and also taking its fatal effect very lightly. Around more than 30 crore learners stopped to go to school and colleges and side by side 10 crore people more directly or indirectly associated with educational business forced to stop their economic activities viz. Book, Stationary, Cloth, Rickshaw Puller, Van Driver, Gardner, Teachers, Non-Teaching Staffs a long list. All these persons are badly affected by this, which we say the one side of coin.

If we see other side of coin, this pandemic has taught us the change is inevitable and we have to accept this as “it is”. It gave us the new way to grow and develop. Also it introduced new technologies platforms. Which have not been used before. Indian education system has been fighting to survive the crises with limited resources and we all have to wipe out the threat of the pandemic. This time it is deadly as well, because as per data more than 50000 COVID cases (Symptoms / Confirmed) coming in last week of June 2021. In every family it has dropped bad impact directly or indirectly. Even though 

around 33 crore total vaccination doses has been given till 30 June 2021 otherwise present condition can be more than worst. This paper highlights some Measures taken by world organisations, Indian government and private institutions to save education system in India. Here both the pros and cons impacts of COVID-19 are discussed here and some suggestions are pointed out to beat the second wave of COVID-19 disease to normalise educational activities in country. In the second week of March 2021, government across the country began shutting down schools and colleges temporarily as a measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus second wave. It is one or two month and there is no certainty when school or college will reopen as June is mostly summer vacation. This is a prominent time for the education institutions as board and university examinations mostly held and First week of April is admissions time in schools and all competitive examinations also to be held during this period. As the day by day passing with no immediate solution to stop the outbreak of Covid-19 outbreak, closures of school and university will not only have a long-term impact on the of learning for more than 285 million young learners in India but also affecting economic and social breaks. The structure of school’s learning including teaching methodology. It was affected by closures of these institutions. The few private schools could focus online teaching methodology and we can say only urban / semi urban areas. The problem occurs for rural area and remote area where small private and government school counterparts each other, Secondly they have completely shut down due to not having access to e-learning solutions. The students of these institutions missing the opportunities for learning. They were no longer have getting healthy meals during this time and are stressing to economic and social concern. As we know mid-day scheme providing them one time food at least.
And the biggest concern is the employment rate. Recently all graduates in India are getting withdrawal of job offers from companies as now economic 

work in progress. The Centre which Monitor Indian Economy’s estimates on unemployment rise up to 9.17% in mid-June to 23% in early April. Second wave of COVID-19 in India is recording over 18.1 million coronavirus infections and over 2 Lakh deaths. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India has a total of 30.3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 3, 98,454 deaths. This time the outbreak of the new coronavirus is over the thought for all healthcare providers. The data suggests that all children under the age of 18 years which represent about 8.5% of reported cases, are usually mild disease & less number of deaths in comparison of other age groups. 60+ years and older people with previous health conditions were at high risk for second wave of covid 19 due to delta version and more death. Returning to a teaching environment depends on the individual and necessity of work to run household expenses, side by side precautionary measures being put in place in education institutions to prevent spread of COVID 19 virus. The incubation time between exposure to COVID-19 and symptoms is same in children and adults which starts commonly around 5 to 6 days, and ranges up to 14 days. Total duration of school closure in india is around 65+ week till now. The educational institutions viz. school, college and university are closed. All the Classes and examinations of schools, colleges and universities are suspended. Including entrance exams were postponed indefinitely. So, the lockdown has destroyed the plans of every student. Even though this is an unexpected never think situation in the history of education.
The lockdown has given a ray of hope for teachers and students to continue their educational activities only through online mode. The teachers are assigned to take classes via internet, using video calling Apps like Google meet, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube etc. They are making WhatsApp groups of students and parents for effective communication thus they are always in touch to share their difficulties through this e-learning. If we talk about other nation like China that practice a more centralization system where digital learning may be simpler. Even in a nation like the America, there are some low income family’s students who have no approach to broad bands so they were unable to use computerized learning. And if we consider e learning in India 70% of population living in rural area where broadband connection is out of reach. This situation is happening with India where every student is not well equipped with the high-speed internet and digital devices. Several advanced educational institutions in India are not also have digital facilities right now so to beat up this sudden change from traditional education to the online education system will take a long time to overcome.

Keywords:-COVID 19 virus, Indian Economy, lockdown, Financial Impact, Education System

Vol 5, No 2 (2021): A Study on Impact of Marketing Research in Achieving Organizational Goal among the Industries in Coimbatore City

Authors: Kowshik Raja A, Mathan Kumar K

Abstract: In recent years a market-oriented corporate culture increasingly has been corseted as a key element of superior corporate performance. Although organizational innovation is believed to be a possible mediator of this market orientation- corporate performance relationship, much of the evidence so far remain anecdotal or speculative. In this context, the researcher takes a component-wise approach and examines how three component of market research affects the 2 core components of organizational innovativeness enroot to affecting corporate performance. Using the info, the researchers empirically test and substantiate innovations mediating role within the market research performance relationship of a corporation. The study was conducted in Coimbatore city, and the data was collected from 25 different staffs working in the marketing-based industry with the use of questionnaire method. The results of the study showed that the marketing research process plays a big role within the performance of business organizations which suggests that there's a positive relationship between market research and, therefore, the performance of business organizations. In view of this, we recommend that business should provide the adequate fund for marketing research, provision of suitable and adequate facilities to reinforce the business environment and make it more aware of the needs of consumers and development strategies should be placed to reinforce staff performance and increase their contribution to the organization.

Vol 5, No 2 (2021): A Study on Student’s Perspective on Marketing of Higher Educational Institutions

Author: Kowshik Raja A

Abstract: In an era of technological advancement and wide availability of data about almost everything, it's enormously important to deal with the marketing strategies and practices being employed for the marketing of Higher educational services. The recent massive expansion of education through private provision has introduced new horizons for marketers at an equivalent time with the rise in the number of institutions continuously the competition is additionally increasing at the same pace; surprisingly, more attention has not been paid to marketing issues that are aroused as a results of increasing competition. Several the burning issues like are educational institutions really “customer-oriented”? Do they choose the foremost appropriate market segments? Would education marketers are practicing the foremost appropriate strategies to draw in and recruit students? and therefore the complexities of the choice processes of the “buyers” need to be addressed at war level. during this research paper. We glance first at general issues facing educational marketers, then efforts would be used to know the scholar's (Consumer) expectation and factors that attract them towards a specific institution. We also examine the marketing practices being employed by educational Institutions to draw in and admit students; certain contemporary and valuable strategies are suggested on the idea of findings to education institutions to survive within the competitive and turbulent environment. 




Vol 5, No 1 (2021): Impact of Marketing Strategy on Coimbatore Private Hospitals Measured By Patient Satisfaction- An Empirical Study

Authors: Frackson C Viyano, Sankar Ganesh, Yasmin Samad

Abstract: Health care in India is in the private sector provides at least 80 per cent of health services in the country and can be classified as private dispensaries, private hospitals, charity hospitals and corporate hospitals. The Indian health care industry is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Private hospitals, government investment and foreign aid in the public health programs appear to be driving this boom. More than 300 million strong middle class “health care consumers” are creating unforeseen demand for quality health care. In view of the recognition of the importance of marketing to private hospitals worldwide, Indian private hospitals have started adopting marketing strategies to improve their performance in terms of profits and patient satisfaction. In the current scenario, marketing is evolving to become a full–fledged function and going beyond traditional marketing services. In view of this, this study is positioned to inquire about the marketing strategies practiced by private hospitals and evaluate their effectiveness. Even though there are so many studies related to the marketing strategies in hospitals, services marketing in hospitals, service quality in hospitals and the patients view on services offered by hospitals, there is no exclusive study on the implementation of marketing strategies in hospitals at Coimbatore. Hence, the present study has made an attempt to fill up the research gap. The present study will aim to find the gaps in the marketing strategy of private hospitals in Coimbatore and point out the need for introducing improvements in the promotion of hospital services and patient satisfaction. Thereby, it helps the management of private hospitals to take steps in the right direction to make their organizations viable and competitive.

Vol 5, No 2 (2021): Marketing Strategies of Wonderla as a Flagship of Tourist Attractions in Kerala

Authors: Dr. K. Sankar Ganesh, Karthik R, Eldhose K Thankachan 

Abstract: This study aims to study the Strategies of Wonderla as a Flagship of Tourist Attractions in Kerala and thereby analyze the overall performance of Strategies of Wonderla. Also, we intend to know whether the service marketing impacts the consumer’s behavior towards the amusement park. The strategies of the amusement park industry are developed based on the service marketing triangle theory. The area of the study was conducted in Wonderla, Kochi.     Data used for the research has been collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data are collected using structured questionnaires. On the other hand, secondary data includes those data, which are collected from previous research work, company records and information websites, etc. The results show that interactive marketing influences visitor satisfaction and the behavior of the employees. This study demonstrates that examining the influence of cross-level service marketing on internal and external customer satisfaction is crucial to theme parks' operational success. Wonderla Kochi uses extensive service marketing strategies both inside and outside the park. Hence it is a major force that influencing buyer behavior and is a major force wonderla is become a flagship of tourist attractions in Kerala.

Vol 5, No 1 (2021): A Study of Influence on Visual Merchandising on Consumer Purchase Decision with Reference to Cadbury Products

Authors: Dr. K. Sankar Ganesh, Shifani R, Sooraj S Sundaram

Abstract: It is highly apparent that certain FMCG products are highly influenced by the Visual Merchandising techniques adopted by the retailer. This research attempts to analyze the influence of Visual Merchandising on consumer purchase decisions with reference to Cadbury products. Hereby it is intended to analyze the effectiveness of visual merchandising on consumer buying behavior on Cadbury products. The below content explains the methodology of how this research is conducted. This study focuses to analyze the attractiveness level and the merchandising factors influencing the consumers to buy chocolates. This study is descriptive in nature, data were collected from 142 respondents belonging to Ernakulam, Kerala. A structured questionnaire with a Likert five-point measurement scale was used to collect the primary data. The findings of the study help to understand the effectiveness of visual merchandising on consumer buying behavior on Cadbury products.

Vol 5, No 1 (2021): A Study of Trends in the Marketing Strategies of Life Insurance Corporation of India with Special Reference to Shriram L

Authors: Dr. K. Sankar Ganesh, Karthik Sreeram, Sandeep Krishna D

Abstract: Insurance is not a new concept, in day-to-day life, we may come across the name many times. We have been hearing about it everywhere, Hospitals, agricultural farms, factories, TV advertisements. Sometimes it will be an option to opt for; sometimes it is mandatory to have insurance. Nowadays insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding the clients from different unexpected events that might occur at any stage of their life. For this purpose, it is important for a marketer to know the need of the market. Insurance marketing mainly focuses on introducing the best marketing mix for the business to be able to survive in this competitive industry. Indeed, there are many Insurance companies that offer different policies, but how effective are the marketing strategies to attract the customers and deliver the promises they make to them, and how the customer`s perception and preferences will change towards the insurance policies. In this study, we are trying to understand the marketing strategies that Shriram life insurance uses, know different policies offered to customers, and find out the perception and preferences of the customers. For this purpose, a sample of 120 respondents was chosen based on convenience sampling, and data were collected through well-structured questionnaires. The finding can help us to understand marketing strategy effectiveness and the perception of customers towards insurance policies.

Vol 5, No 1 (2021): A Study on Prospects of Rural Co-operative Marketing in India

Author: M. Ramji Nayak

Abstract: This paper intends to analyze the prospects of cooperative sector in India under free market. It is now, increasingly recognized that the co-operative system in India has the capacity and potentiality to neutralize the adverse effects emerging from the process of globalization. After economic liberalization under the new economic environment, cooperatives at all levels are making efforts to reorient their functions according to the market demands. The failure of the public sector in several cases is a worrisome trend. Privatization has also failed to make an impact in the rural areas. Therefore, there is great hope on the cooperative sector. The paper examines the prospects of cooperative sector in India. In comparison to the step-motherly treatment of the past, cooperatives are now, considered an important plank of development. The government is committed to cooperative development. Cooperatives are also, considered to have immense potential to deliver goods and services in areas where both the state and the private sector have failed. It suggests evolving strong communication and public relations strategies, which can promote the concept of cooperation among the masses. It should also push forward by developing effective strategies to overcome existing weaknesses and for continuing growth of the sector. The paper assesses the future prospects of the cooperative sector of India.

Vol 5, No 1 (2021): A Study on Customers Satisfaction and Preference towards Hypermarket (SPAR)

Authors: A. Kowshik Raja, K. Mathan Kumar

Abstract: This study tends to convey customer satisfaction towards SPAR HYPERMARKET. To study the customer’s satisfaction towards the objective of this study is to identify the level of satisfaction towards SPAR HYPERMARKET. A sample of 100 respondents - Customers residing in Coimbatore city was collected and analyzed using percentage analysis. It is found from the study that the majority of the Customers are highly satisfied by the service rendered by the Spar Hypermarket. Most of the respondents opined that the Customers need products at a reduced price as given by the competitor and also the study was concluded by saying that these suggestions are taken into consideration by the hypermarket, then SPAR products will always remain number one in the markets with utmost satisfaction to the customers.


Vol 4, No 2 (2020): Importance of Marketing Strategy and B2B Digital Marketing Suggestions and Diversification

Author: Dr. J. Jose Prabhu

Abstract: Most marketing and also, communications methods are created in an extremely comparable way. A group of qualified marketing planners kick back a table for a couple of weeks, do their research, and then work within a tactical framework, based upon what they believe will certainly have the most impact on customer's goals. These objectives may tell a story, connect the brand's values, or motivate a specific action from their target market, among others. When it involves business-to-business (B2B) marketing, any individual who has been running in the space recognizes it features a specific set of obstacles. Unlike marketing to consumers, B2B companies typically have to deal with longer sales cycles, smaller target market markets, and also higher ticket costs. Furthermore, they have to initially produce results in follow-up instead of marketing an item directly.

Vol 4, No 2 (2020): Study of Consumer Buying Behavior of Personal Care Products in SPAR Super Market, Ghaziabad

Author: Ashish Kumar Singh

Abstract: Understanding of the consumers’ behavior is very important to any seller in the market as it will help them to analyze, understand and foresee buying behavior of consumers. Study of consumer behavior is concerned with: What do consumers buy; why do they buy it; when, where and how do they buy them and how often do they buy them? Also, how do they consume and dispose them? Consumer buying behavior will help in understanding the consumers' decision making process and factors which will influence on their decision process? We can say that the consumer research is a method that can be used to study consumer behavior that takes place at every phase of the consumption process either before the purchase, during the purchase, and after the purchase.


Present research shows that different buyers buy the same products different usages and purposes. Customers might have paid the different prices for the same product, used the product differently, have different emotional belongingness towards the product and so on. This work is conducted to know about the consumer behavior while shopping for apparels in organized retail outlets in Ghaziabad, UP, India.

Vol 4, No 2 (2020): “A Study on Farmer’s Preference for Selling Raw Milk by Different Mode with Special Reference to Gir Somnath District”

Authors:-Bharat Barad

Abstract:-The Basic intent of the paper is to understand the current scenario of milk producer in Saurastra region and various issues of the live stockholder. We know that with the increase in education and development in technology change the scenario of dairy sector and its stakeholder. Through this research I try to put efforts on identify the preference of milk producer for adopting different mode for distributing raw milk. In this research I take the sample of 100 milk producer from different village of Gir Somnath. I prepare the questionnaire for collecting data by using Likert scale. Analysis of data suggest that the most of raw milk producer adopt NDDB dairy and co-operative dairy due to higher price and better collection method used by these dairy. Also research finding suggest that price rate, collection method and location of milk collection centre are the factor which build the preference of milk producer for adopting mode for selling raw milk, while payment method used by dairy and service provided by the dairy are secondary factor which is considered by milk producer for adopting mode for selling raw milk.

Vol 4, No 2 (2020): Impact of Nutritional Labelling on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Authors:-C.M. Arun Prasad, Induja m.p

Abstract:-Nutritional label plays an important role in providing the relevant nutrition information to consumers. Inclusion of a nutritional label on food items may be an important packaging decision for the Sri Lankan food processors. Hence, a study was conducted with a view of identifying the market for nutritional labeling and the factors that influence the consumer willingness-to-pay for nutritional labeling. Data were collected from a random sample of 90 consumers selected from three supermarkets - Dhanasiri, Cargill’s Food City and Royal Garden Mall - located in Kandy. Market for nutritional labeling was identified by exploring data and a logit method of analysis was performed to identify the factors that influence the willingness-to-pay for nutritional information on food items. A significantly greater proportion of individuals in the age category 36 to 50 years, individuals with tertiary education, individuals with special dietary status and households with less than four members were willing to pay more for the nutritional labels. Logit analysis showed that gender, level of education and special dietary status have a significant positive effect and the household size has a significant negative effect on the willingness to pay for nutrition information. Accordingly, it could be stated that incorporation of a nutritional panel in the package would enhance the demand for food products and it would be an appropriate strategic task for the local food processors.

Vol 4, No 2 (2020): A Study on Social Media Effect on Digital Marketing at Puttur

Authors:-Reshma Pai A, Jeevitha B V

Abstract:-Social media has become a vital part of everyday life. This stunning growth is due to the increasing usage of smart phones. Today’s era of Internet has opened a gate of vast variety of opportunities for businesses and to reach their customers conveniently. Growing popularity of social media has compelled the marketers to think about this media along with traditional functional areas of marketing. The main purpose of the present paper is to examine the effect of social media on digital marketing. This paper describes various forms of social media which are available for the marketers to market their products. The study also has undergone to find out the popularity and effectiveness of digital marketing among people in and around Puttur. The study has mainly dependent on primary data collected through questionnaire. The secondary data collected through books, journals, articles and literatures have also been incorporated in this paper. The sample of 200 respondents randomly has been selected for the study from in and around Puttur. Chi square method is used for analyzing the data. Table and charts have been used as supportive tools for analyzing the data. The study has revealed a positive effect of social media on digital marketing. This study will definitely contribute towards marketing literature.

Vol 4, No 1 (2020): A Study on Consumer Purchasing Pattern towards (FMCG) Coimbatore City

Authors: Dr. K. Parimalakanthi, R. Suganya

Abstract: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is the fourth largest sector in India touching everybody’s life every day. The consumer behavior plays an important role in marketing of fast moving consumer goods. This behavior is affected by various factors. In the present era of globalization needs and wants of consumer’s changes with time. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector contributes a lot to the growth of India’s GDP. Therefore it is necessary to identify the changes in consumer buying behavior towards FMCG products. Through this study we can know about the preference of the consumers towards FMCG products and the factors influencing those products.


Vol 4, No 1 (2020): A Study on customers’ perception on modernization of petrol bunks in Coimbatore City

Authors:-Mentor. Dr. S. Jayashree, Y. Beula

Abstract:-The objective of the study is to get an idea about people's perception on the choice of petrol pumps in Karachi. To accomplish the purpose, it was hypothesized that (1) Location has a significant impact on the choice of Petrol Service Stations (2) Quality has a significant impact on the choice of Petrol Service Stations (3) Rewards has a significant impact on the choice of Petrol Service Stations. A sample of 200 respondents was randomly selected who filled a self reporting questionnaire. One sample t-test was applied on gathered data to assess the observations. It was revealed that neither quality nor location and reward have an influence on the consumer choice over selection of petrol pump.

Vol 4, No 1 (2020): Customer Awareness and Satisfaction Towards Online Shopping- A Study With Reference to Coimbatore City

Authors: Dr. Kavitha K.R, Ms. Dahrshini

Abstract: Online shopping provides a best example of the business revolution.  Online shopping  is currently experiencing a period of rapid development,  the large number of internet users provides a good foundation for the expansion of the online shopping market. In this study, perceived usability, awareness and satisfaction of customers towards online shopping  experiences. 

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