Vol 6, No 2 (2022)

Consumer Behavior towards Green and Eco-Friendly Products

Authors:- Dr. Kritika, Dr. Anand Prakash, Aditi

Abstract:- With the growth of the economy there is also an increase in the consumption pattern all across the world. Due to this excess consumption, economy is being severely exploited. This also resulted in the various environmental problems like: Loss of biodiversity and ozone depletion which ultimately become a reason of people concern and sparked the green movement for the protection of the environment. Even in India the demand for the green product is rapidly increasing because of the consumers concern for the environment. The present study is about the “Consumer Behavior towards Green Product”. The present study aims to identify the relation or association between the factors that affect the consumers’ behavior for green products. For this purpose convenience sampling method was used and primary data were collected from the 40 respondents through online questionnaire containing close-ended questions.

Keywords:- Green product, Consumer behavior, Environment, Environment friendly.

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