Vol 2, No 1 (2023)

Cardiorespiratory Anatomy and Physiology Adaptations to Exercise and Training

Authors Name:- Mahesh Kushuwah, Harish Thakkar

Abstract:- Cardiorespiratory adaptations to exercise and training play a crucial role in enhancing physical fitness and overall health. This paper provides an overview of the anatomical and physiological changes that occur within the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in response to exercise and training. It highlights the mechanisms underlying these adaptations and their implications for improved aerobic capacity, endurance, and performance. Understanding these adaptations can aid in the development of effective exercise programs and the promotion of optimal cardiovascular health.

Keywords:- Cardiorespiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Heart adaptations, Stroke volume, Cardiac output, Blood vessels adaptations, Vasodilation, Capillarization, Lung adaptations, Lung ventilation

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