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Submission Guidelines for Authors

Mantech Publication receives papers from hundreds of authors across the country, but we publish only those that are:

We also invite articles written on thesis prepared for higher degrees. However, for getting such a paper published the authors need to follow the format of ManTech specified research journal. Authors need to ensure that the concise form of their paper is suitable to represent their thesis. Authors can also submit articles previously presented in conferences, provided these articles have not been published in almost the same form in published proceedings of a conference.

Document Format for Submitting Papers

Authors are requested to use coherent and concise language in preparing their papers. The length of their article should be based on the level of complexity of their work. The paper should have the following divisions and sub-divisions:


Abstract section should highlight the main focus of the article and provide a brief outline of the results and conclusions, and emphasize the significance of these results. We recommend that in 100-150 words, abstract should achieve its purpose. Please do not cite any references in the abstract.


Make sure you mention minimum three and maximum five keywords.

Points to Remember

Provide references at the end of the paper in an alphabetical order. References should mention only those works that the author has cited in his/her work.

Terms and conditions: